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The Rise of OCIO Services in Private Wealth Management

In a landscape marked by economic volatility, the role of outsourced chief investment officers (OCIOs) is gaining prominence, particularly among private wealth clients. Laura Levesque, CFA, and Director at Cerulli Associates, sheds light on this burgeoning trend in her latest analysis:

"Despite a year of poor market performance, the outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) service and investment model is experiencing burgeoning demand from private wealth clients and will continue to see adoption. According to Cerulli, the private wealth market segment is projected to grow 16% annually through the end of 2027, the most among all OCIO client types.

Much of the demand is driven by a desire for exposure to institutional-quality investment opportunities, namely alternative investments. The OCIO model and OCIO providers provide access to higher-quality investments often, are often less costly than that of an in-house investment team, and offer the ability to implement changes to the investment portfolio more quickly than an investment committee. While differences between a truly institutional client and a private wealth client mean some adjustments will need to be made to service these clients, the future growth opportunity is very attractive to OCIO providers."

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