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Join Infinity

Partner With Us and Transition to True Independence.


When you become part of Infinity Financial Services, you’re setting yourself up for success. You’ll receive the technology and support you’ll need to start making strategic moves, gain more high-value investors, and scale your business.


Establishing workflows to sell and service your alternative investments can be complex. Streamline your operations with Infinity 8Financial Platform - our secure, integrated, paperless, and customer relations management system.

Keep Your Brand or Use Ours.

If you’ve already established a solid business brand but want to take advantage of our vast resources, you can! Infinity gives you the option to keep your current business brand or utilize our assets to propel your business forward. You’ll have our support either way.

Hand holding an Infinity Financial Services business card.

Grow Your Business.

As your business takes off, it’s easy to spend more time managing the day-to-day rather than managing your client accounts. Utilize our wealth of technology resources to give you more time with your current clients and increase opportunities for new ones.


Connect and Collaborate.

Transparency is key. Stay connected with Infinity and your clients with our secure technology platform. With Infinity Virtual Office on the 8Financial Platform, our suite of cloud-based tools, you can be sure that the information you’re sharing with your clients is safe, accurate, and easy to use.

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Want to learn how to grow a more successful practice with Infinity?

Download our 5 Steps To Running A Better Advisory Practice​
  • Make more money in your practice.

  • Simplify compliance management.

  • Provide more to your clients while working less.

Spend More Time Advising
and Less Time On Operations

As a financial professional, your partnership with Infinity Financial Services will put you back in front of your clients instead of drowning in your day-to-day business tasks. 

Ready to grow? 


Book a completely confidential call with Gregory B. Gilbert, CFP(r), President and CEO of Infinity, to discuss the benefits of joining our firm.

Why Financial Professionals Join Infinity

Our flexible, boutique financial experience is built for professionals seeking the right balance of freedom and support. We offer a smooth transition to our firm, practice models that fit your style, and veteran managers who have your back.*

Customized Transition Experience

Every financial advisor's practice is different, so we tailor the transition process to fit your unique needs. Tell us your vision, and we'll deliver the most efficient way to move accounts using Infinity Virtual Office, our customized digital platform.


What takes other firms months to accomplish will only take a couple of weeks with our experienced transition team.

Secure Solution for Everything Admin-related

You'll have access to always up-to-date applications that provide automatic validations to ensure accurate applications, disclosures, or compliance documents. Request and accept E-signatures, and automate client documents and reports. 

Take better care of your clients, faster

We offer online document repapering with electronic signatures to expedite the account opening and administration processes. You will be pleased with our level of support as you begin an exciting new phase of your career.

Worry-free Compliance Management

Infinity Virtual Office is a platform designed to let financial advisors do what they do best - give advice and execute on financial plans, and growing their practice.

Real-Time Support

We work closely with you to make the process of moving your practice to Infinity quick and straightforward. We’re advisors ourselves, so we understand your needs. Our goal is to make the transition experience as smooth and cost-efficient as possible.

We're dedicated to your success as an independent advisor.
Click to download our Start-Up Strategies for Success PDF

*All candidates must meet the minimum requirement of FINRA Series 6 and 63 licenses.

What Infinity Financial  Professionals Say

Lisa Claycomb is an independant advisor with Infinity Financial Services
Lisa Claycomb

“I have people constantly reaching out, trying to recruit me and I say ‘No!’  I am incredibly happy with the independent system that I have set up–it works for me. People allow me to do my work the right way, I make a good living, and I’m happy running my own life.”

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