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A Financial Plan is the Blueprint for Your Future

People often try to tackle financial events as they arise, inadvertently placing the rest of their goals at risk. If you were building a house, would you build it one room at a time, leaving the remaining structures unsound? No, you’d hire an experienced contractor to create a detailed blueprint that meets your objectives and follows fundamental principles. The same applies to financial planning…you need a complete plan to build a solid financial future.

Hire a qualified professional.

Infinity Certified Financial Planners™ are highly-trained and licensed professionals with years of financial services experience. They provide planning services for a set fee, so you can be assured their advice is rooted in your best interests. They get to know every aspect of your financial life and thoughtfully design a complete plan focused on your goals. Working with a knowledgeable, unbiased professional can give you the perspective you need to confidently control your finances.

Start with a sturdy foundation.

You can’t manage your money and direct it toward your life goals without first knowing where it’s going. That’s why we start the planning process by examining your spending habits, creating a personal budget, and defining objectives. We give you a clear picture of your cash flow, assets and liabilities, and net worth to form the basis of your financial plan. Your planner uses that to develop realistic strategies for building and maintaining wealth.

Construct a balanced framework.

Like the floors and walls form the framework of a house, elements of your financial world–like income, Social Security, insurance, college savings, retirement investments, and legal instruments–serve as the framework for a complete financial plan. We take a holistic view of all the interrelated parts of your plan using powerful online planning tools. Together, we assess your current income, holdings, allocations, and coverages to ensure that they align with your risk tolerance and support overall goals. You’ll learn practical ways to balance your current financial needs with long-term objectives.

Stay involved and measure progress.

A written financial plan not only identifies important planning opportunities, but it also provides key benchmarks to make sure your plan stays on course. Your advisor sets these milestones and encourages you to monitor your progress. Just like you’d visit the construction site as your home takes shape, your plan should be revisited to determine if adjustments are necessary. And, our customizable online tools make it easier to see your financial picture evolve.

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