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Work From Anywhere With Infinity Virtual Office

By Greg Gilbert, CEO and President, Infinity Financial Services

The pandemic clearly jolted wealth management firms that relied on brick and mortar operations and desktop computers. With financial advisors forced to work at home, mobile systems access, possible cybersecurity breaches, privacy issues, and remote supervision became urgent concerns for the firms and regulators. 

While some firms have struggled to modify their systems and processes to facilitate and oversee remote work, Infinity Financial Services is well ahead of the curve. We developed the advisor-centric Infinity Virtual Office, which includes a secure platform of cloud-based workflow and business management tools, portfolio management, financial planning, risk management, investment research and analysis, portfolio tracking, clearing, and custody software and services, and marketing consultants.

We created the Infinity Virtual Office with these primary goals in mind: 

  • Expedite time-wasting administrative workflows,

  • Provide real-time transparency into the work items being handled by financial professionals/advisors (reps) and the firm’s back office, and

  • Help ensure our reps have the tools they need to conduct business in full compliance.

The Virtual Office features Salesforce, the industry-leading customer relationship management (CRM) system, which is provided to all reps. Salesforce is integrated with Docupace paperless workflow and DocuSign® esignature systems. All required forms for our product and service providers and account maintenance have been digitized and appear in the Docupace Forms Library. The Forms Library is integrated into the workflow process, so the system automatically serves up the forms that are needed, by vendor and account type. During the workflow process, client data in Salesforce automatically populates key fields in the forms. These include the client’s name, email address, mailing address, phone number and account title.

A secure email with links to each form is sent to the client for esignature via DocuSign. When a form is signed, both the rep and the Infinity back office are notified within the system Dashboard. Reps may also opt to receive an email notification, as well. Reps and the back-office team may monitor the workflow progress conveniently in real time on the Dashboard. RBC Advisor Services’ account opening system is integrated with Docupace, as well, further streamlining the workflow process.

In the event that a form requires a wet signature, Docupace places a unique barcode on the form so that when the rep uploads the signed form into the system, it automatically links to client’s records in the cloud.  We anticipate that eventually, all client records will be required to be stored in the cloud, to respond to “virtual” audit requests by the regulators in a timely manner. 

It is important to note that Salesforce is used by our reps to submit home office requests (e.g. advertising compliance approval) and create trade blotters for direct business, and it may be used to manage sales pipelines and client relationships.


You will need to demonstrate that you have completely and thoroughly explored your client’s full financial profile, including assets and account types held away from you prior to making an investment recommendation. This is required to demonstrate that you are indeed acting in the client’s best interests and not putting your firm’s or your interests ahead of the retail investor at the time of the recommendation. If you are a broker, it may be a new requirement to capture and retain precise, correct client data. The best place to do this is in your customer relationship management (CRM) system, which will provide your compliance team and regulators access to client data in a central, cloud-based location. 

It is important to note that Salesforce is used by our reps to submit home office requests (e.g. advertising compliance approval) and create trade blotters for direct business, and it may be used to manage sales pipelines and client relationships.

The illustration below highlights most, but not all, of the systems and services that are currently available.



Work Anywhere and Add Non-Local Client Relationships

With all systems in the Virtual Office accessible remotely via a laptop, our reps and their teams may work anywhere in the U.S. that has a strong internet connection. Today and for some time to come, clients will have to interact with their advisors remotely, via phone and video calls, so it should not matter where either is located so long as the advisor is registered to do business in the state. Reps who have focused on acquiring clients within a 50- or 100-mile radius may want to consider expanding the geography of their practices. This can be done by leveraging the expertise of marketing consultants who help self-branded “DBA” Infinity reps to create and manage their websites and facilitate digital marketing awareness and lead-generation campaigns.    ​

Transitioning to Infinity Financial Services

Prior to joining with Infinity Financial Services as an independent rep, we will discuss your practice model and business growth plans. We will help you to consider and evaluate the vendors, tools and services that may make sense to help you to achieve your objectives. If you have other preferred vendors, we will gladly consider them. In fact, some of the vendors in the Infinity Virtual Office were originally requested by our reps. 

It is important for forward-thinking reps to take advantage of leading-edge technologies to grow and manage their businesses. Do not worry if you are not particularly tech savvy. Our home office operations team and vendor partners are available to help you (and your team) to come up to speed quickly and gain optimum use of the powerful tools you have chosen.

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Infinity Financial Services is a national, independent Investment and Wealth Management firm, founded with a vision: help enterprising financial professionals to grow truly independent, successful practices, leveraging leading-edge technologies and firm support.  ​Based in Oakland, California, with branch offices around the U.S., Infinity's financial professionals offer an array of asset management, brokerage, insurance, financial planning, benefit plan, insurance, and risk management services. This article provides information for investment professionals. It is not intended for use by the general public.