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Independent financial professionals face more challenges than ever, from regulatory management to bureaucratic indifference to outdated technology. At Infinity, we give you guidance and services to streamline your operations, increase productivity, and strengthen client relationships. 

We Empower You to Thrive


Growing your business means finding reliable ways to serve clients and achieve goals. Our financial technology platform adds consistency to your daily activities, so you can perform at the highest level:

  • Client Relationship Management – leverage industry-leading Salesforce CRM to help manage every stage of the client lifecycle.

  • Marketing Support Tools – automate and deliver professional communications with our Virtual Office to keep your clients engaged.

  • Portfolio Management and Tracking – use the latest investment management applications to efficiently manage your clients’ wealth.

  • Peer-to-Peer Compliance Guidance – experience uncommon access to our Chief Compliance Officer's regulatory insight.

  • Innovative Client Services – turn prospects into clients with online ecommerce financial planning and portfolio tools.